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Being accused of a domestic violence crime can be frightening and confusing, most especially if you have never been in trouble with the law before. You should not deal casually with a domestic violence charge since they are taken very seriously by prosecutors and judges in Alabama courts. Depending on the circumstances, you could be facing severe penalties that could drastically change your life.

At such a time, you should seek trusted and capable legal representation as soon as possible. White & Iverson, LLC provides outstanding legal help if you have been charged with this type of offense in or around Morgan County. Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys have been aggressively defending the accused in this area since 1998. We have a solid reputation for achieving favorable results due to our work ethic, knowledge of the law, and trial experience. Our success has been achieved through constant referrals by past clients which we believe to be the hallmark of true quality.

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Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence is defined as act of physical violence between an aggressor and a victim who shares some type of relationship with the aggressor. These crimes involve current and former spouses, parents, children, individuals with a child in common, current or former household members, and current and former dating partners.

Penalties in Alabama

Under Alabama law, domestic violence has been broken down into the following three categories by degree:

  • Third-degree misdemeanor domestic violence – The intent to cause bodily harm and doing so and includes menacing, coercion, reckless endangerment, harassment, trespassing, and criminal mischief.
  • Second-degree domestic violence – The intent to cause serious bodily harm and doing so and can be charged as a felony.
  • First-degree felony domestic violence – The intent to cause serious bodily harm using a dangerous weapon and doing so, also the intent to disfigure or destroy another’s physical appearance. These types of offenses involve first-degree assault and aggravated stalking.
Felony Domestic Violence in Alabama

Alabama also recognizes domestic violence through strangulation or suffocation which is a felony. It is also a separate criminal offense to violate a protective order. Depending on the class of offense, penalties can range from under a year up to life in prison. Additionally, a conviction can result in the loss of child custody and gun rights.

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Many times, domestic abuse arrests are based on false accusations and the subjective opinion of law enforcement. To protect your rights and defend against such “evidence,” you need a competent and dedicated criminal defense attorney who knows how to challenge a prosecutor’s case. Our firm can draw upon all of the legal experience of our team to craft the best possible defense on your behalf as well as provide a strong courtroom presence.

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