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Mediation Lawyers in Decatur, AL

Registered Mediator for Your Divorce & Family Law Issues

In Morgan County, divorce and custody mediation is a mandatory requirement set forth by the Circuit Court. Mediation may also be appropriate for other domestic or civil issues, providing a low-cost alternative to courtroom litigation. As an alternative dispute resolution process, mediation has gained increasing importance in the legal arena.

At White & Iverson, LLC, we have seen how thoughtful discourse and skilled negotiation can be used to better and more humanely resolve legal disputes. Haley Iverson, our mediation lawyer, is an Alabama registered mediator who maintains registration on the domestic, and domestic violence mediation rosters of the Alabama Dispute Resolution Center. In addition to her years of experience as a trial attorney, Haley has a history of serving families in her community. Her education and training give Haley a unique perspective when helping people find creative solutions and middle ground.

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What is Mediation & How Does It Work?

In divorce or other types of disputes, mediation consists of you and the other party meeting with a mediator to discuss and resolve the issues that form the basis of your dispute. Mediators are neutral third parties who are extensively trained to help guide you through problem solving and positive communication towards a settlement of your differences.

Keep in mind, they do not make decisions for you, as is done by a judge in a courtroom. In divorce mediation, this process would involve helping you reach a mutually agreed divorce or custody settlement.

Mediation has many advantages over courtroom litigation:

  • Mediation is private and confidential
  • You and the other party are in control and make your own decisions instead of being subject to the court
  • Mediation saves time and money because you are not dependent on court costs and schedules
  • You still can consult with your lawyer for advice while undergoing mediation
  • Mediation is a less stressful and contentious process and may advance future communication with your ex-spouse or the other disputed party
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Avoiding a court battle in a divorce or other dispute has many advantages for your sanity, your pocketbook, and your dignity. Our firm provides individuals and families throughout Morgan County with experienced and compassionate legal services. We urge you to experience the benefits of mediation with the help of our trusted Decatur mediation lawyer.

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